As we’re approaching Independence Day, I find myself  reflecting on how this country began. People who wanted a better world with freedom and equality took a risk and came to a strange land. Those leaders shared their vision with others and took a very public stand against oppression.

In every era in history there are examples of misuse of power, inhumanity, and greed… but there are also always individuals who envision a better tomorrow and work to make the world better. Sometimes they are famous leaders… far more often they’re ordinary people making a difference in their community, influencing those they connect with in their day-to-day lives.

I just watched a video of high school boys who took a class on feminism. They talk  about how  feminism isn’t just about women’s rights and how because of the class they now view the world through a different lens and are committed to making a difference. I love what one 12th grader said at 3:26, “I’m not afraid to change my silence into action.” Could any inspirational leader have been a more eloquent role model? So as you’re  looking to the skies dazzled by the brilliant explosions of color, think  about the everyday heroes you know who also inspire us with their passion, vision and example.