Nothing beats the summer vibe in Saratoga. People lunching in outdoor cafes, waving to friends on the street. Shoppers strolling leisurely. Within a 5 minute walk, we’ve got designer fashions, unique cooking gadgets, handcrafted fudge and artisanal breads, custom designed jewelry, a renowned bookstore,  gourmet olive oils, a fantasy-worthy toy store, souvenirs and Saratoga memorabilia, gourmet doggie treats, and of course, fantastical hats bedecked with feathers and flowers. There’s a joyous pedestrian feel to the town.
At night the town really rocks with drink specials and live music on the outdoor patios of every bar. Heck, sometimes Gaffneys has a different band playing in every room. And locals can imbibe without worry as they can just hoof it back home, whether home is a dorm room at Skidmore or a high rise condo on Railroad Place. It’s a safe town, but every city has crime…especially at night. Common sense and a bit of street smarts can prevent that great night out from ending with a mugging or a sexual assault. So even in a great place like Saratoga, be aware of your surroundings, cross the street or change your route if someone is following you…and don’t walk alone at night.  Buddy up and get each other home safely. What to do if your friend walked you home, but now she/he’s got a couple of blocks to walk alone?  Want to make sure everyone gets home safe? 

There’s an app for that. With  Kitestring, you set your phone for how long it should take to get home. At the appointed time Kitestring checks up on you. If you’re home safe you just reply. But if the unthinkable happens, Kitestring notifies your emergency contacts so they can follow up. It’s free and you don’t even need a smart phone. So enjoy the summer…but be street-safe.