Bullying…, it’s not just kids’ stuff.  According to nobully.com,
“America is suffering from a bullying epidemic. Bullies appear everywhere, from the playground to workplaces, elder care facilities and even online.
According to careerbuilder.com. 35 percent of more than 3,800 workers surveyed claimed that they had been bullied at their workplaces. 16 percent said they suffered from health problems caused by this bullying. 17 percent said that, despite the terrible economy, they were forced to quit because of bullying.”

So unchecked, the bullying behaviors that first exhibit on the playground, can persist. As the individual grows up and their relationships mature, those same behaviors may manifest in new ways such as cyberbullying, sexual harassment, dating violence, relationship abuse, even sexual violence. Our investment in educating kids about bullying prevention and intervention pays off, not just today, but throughout their lives. The Ballston Spa School District isn’t content to just to educate students about not engaging in bullying behaviors; Superintendent, Dr. Dragone inspires youth to be part of the solution.

“Being a bystander won’t solve the problem.
You have to be actively involved in stopping bullying… stopping bad behaviors wherever they are.”