Sometimes it’s tricky identifying an abusive relationship. Posters about domestic violence make it look easy; the image we all have is an overwrought and terrified woman with a black eye. That’s easy to identify. But sometimes the victim is a same sex partner… or a male abused by a female partner. And there are many far more subtle signs that a relationship may be abusive. If you can recognize the early red flags of abuse, it’s easier to evaluate your safety and investment in the relationship before the abuse escalates. So would you have noticed these  common early indicators?

  • Your partner makes snide jokes at your expense.
  • Your relationship developed very quickly, almost overnight you fell in love.
  • Your partner complains that your sister (mother, brother, best friend) is too pushy or is jealous of   how happy you both are together
  • Your partner calls, texts or just checks in with  you frequently throughout the day

It’s good  to know the early signs before they progress to #12, “He (she) threatens to kill  you. “Sometimes a friend can see the red flags earlier than the person in the relationship. If you’re concerned  say something.

If you’re not sure about whether a relationship may be abusive, call DVRC. We can help you assess what’s troubling you.