UnSTUNG Heroes… was that a typo? Was it supposed to be Unsung Heroes? Nope.  UnSTUNG heroes are our local stores  who ‘pass the test’ when law enforcement operates a sting to identify if businesses are selling alcohol to minors. Caitlin Morris of the Saratogian summed it up nicely,

New York State Police sent underage and undercover operatives to 32 establishments to try and purchase alcohol Saturday and not one drop of alcohol was sold to them.”

That’s not unusual. Throughout Saratoga County most establishments regularly fare well on these sting operations. So where are underage drinkers getting their alcohol. The answer may surprise you. Surveys of teens indicate that most underage drinkers access alcohol at home, either with parents knowledge (i.e., providing alcohol for their kids and friends) or by just taking it from their parents’ supply.  What can you do to reduce underage drinking?

  • Talk to your kids about it. Let them know that you don’t condone drinking and why. Believe it or not, parents are the most significant influence in  preventing underage drinking… they really do listen.
  • Don’t provide alcohol for your teen’s friends.
  • Educate yourself about how alcohol use impacts the adolescent brain.

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