The recent  murder/suicide in Saratoga Springs is a tragic reminder that elder abuse is a serious concern. One in ten elders is abused, and 90% of abusers are family members. Elder abuse can take many forms: neglect, physical abuse, social isolation, financial exploitation, emotional or psychological abuse.

When a parent is abused by their adult child, they are often reticent to report the crime to authorities, or even to tell anyone. They may:

  •  be worried about their son or daughter
  •  want to protect him/her
  •  be dependent on the abusive family member for health care or transportation,or
  • feel guilty, “I must have done something wrong raising my child for him/her to treat me this way.”  
Victims of elder abuse are our most vulnerable citizens (the median age of abused elders is 77.9 years), yet they’re often not able to advocate for themselves. That’s why it’s important that we all know the signs of elder abuse and take action if we’re concerned. Don’t know what to look for? Click on this post to view an excellent video, so you can recognize the signs of elder abuse.