What might an 8 year old boy want  for Christmas? A toy helicopter? A remote control car? Sounds right.

But for one boy there was something he wanted even more… for schoolmates to stop bullying his sister. As often happens, the twins’ mom wasn’t aware of the extent of the bullying until reading her son’s letter to Santa. Sometimes as adults it’s hard to relate to how much bullying can devastate a child. Reading the boy’s letter to Santa makes me realize how powerless a kid can feel when faced with bullying. 

How big a problem is bullying? The statistics are startling:

  • 56% of students have witnessed a bullying crime while in school.
  • 71% of kids report bullying is an ongoing problem.
  • 10% of students drop out of school because of bullying.
  • There’s a strong correlation between bullying and suicide.