“She was absolutely terrorized on social media.” That’s what the NBC news report said of a 12 year old girl who committed suicide. Other girls in her class were texting continual messages like, “No one likes you.‘ and ‘You should kill yourself.’, and Go die.’

As an adult, I can’t even imagine how tortuous it would be to be taunted and humiliated not only in person, but also everywhere I went via social media. But as an adult I would have the options to pick up and move away. Kids don’t have that option.

If you think  bullying is just a typical part of growing up, watch the video. Technology has given bullies power and access never before seen.  This is a serious problem…and often we don’t know about it until it’s too late.  12 years old is too young to feel such pain that death is the only escape.

Parents- want to know more? The Center for Disease Control created a tip sheet to help parents recognize and talk to their kids about electronic aggression. It’s worth a read.