New York City’s mayor canceled the final day of the Electric Zoo concert as two concert goers died and four others ended up in intensive care…all due to overdoses of  MDMA, also known as, Ecstasy or Molly. This isn’t a new drug; it was originally synthesized for medical purposes in the early 1900’s but the 1970’s drug culture launched the recreational use of MDMA  to achieve altered states of consciousness. The club scene in the 1980-90’s resurrected the drug’s  popularity under the name Ecstasy.   

And  where and how Molly is used  contribute to the drug’s dangerousness. The signs of impending overdose include hyperthermia (excessive overheating), inability to sweat, and confusion; combined with the euphoria, loss of inhibition,  and altered state of consciousness the user loses the ability to monitor his/her level of functioning. The drug is often used in large crowded rooms such as dance clubs; these conditions exacerbate the overheating and dehydration that can lead to potentially fatal hyperthermia. Even after the drug has worn off, Molly still poses a risk. Days after using Molly, the individual may experience low moods or depression. 

With a new name, Molly use is once again rising ; popular music includes references to the drug. Throughout the decades, whenever MDMA resurfaces, there are reports of young people dying (sometimes the first and only time they’ve used the drug.) This is one dangerous fad… and it’s risks should be taken seriously. Just ask NYC.