Helping others fosters happiness. If you want to be happy, do something to make someone else happy. it’s that simple… and the effects are long-lasting. Need some ideas? Here are 25 to get you started.

I have a silly ritual. Whenever I see a penny on the ground, if it’s tails up I flip it over and leave it
there. I like to think that the next person who happens by will not only be one cent richer, but their walk will be a bit jauntier because they’ve found a lucky penny. And because accepting what’s given to you with grace is also important, if the penny is head-ups up, it’s mine and I say thanks to the universe for offering me a small blessing. Now I don’t have any superstitions that a penny wrong side up is bad luck (a penny is a penny); but I like to think that a tiny gesture may bring a smile to someone’s face.

Need more reasons to help others? Did you know volunteering is linked to better health, happiness, self-esteem, and even longevity. One in three adults in the US volunteer, giving us one of the world’s highest rates of volunteerism. And according to US News and World report, “communities with lots of volunteers are more stable and better places to live, which in turn further boosts volunteerism.” . Click on the link to US News to find out how helping others makes us happy.