Here’s a common scenario for a sexual assault:
It’s a party. A young girl has too much to drink, She’s totally out of it, barely able to function, and clearly unable to consent to sex.. A guy, or several guys, at the party who have also been drinking find her intoxication either funny or convenient and proceed to rape her.


Boys just having fun? Absolutely not!  

Was the girl to blame for the assault because she became so intoxicated that she couldn’t defend herself?  Absolutely not!  


Recently there have been several court cases that have hammered home that this is rape. Teenaged lives (both those of the victim and perpetrator) have been irreparably changed due to poor judgment and willful sexual violation. A highly public case in Steubenville, Ohio, two 16 year old high school football players were found guilty of rape under circumstances just like those described. In Saratoga, California a similar incident was linked to the death of a 15 year old girl who committed suicide after pictures of the rape were posted on line and went viral. But these aren’t isolated cases… this happens far more often that you’d imagine. 


Why? Do young men really think it’s totally OK to rape a girl? If that’s true then we need some clearer messages.


And that’s what one young man did. Watch the video, How to Treat a Girl (or anyone).

What a message!
Share it… talk about it… live it.