At heart I’m an optimist… but sometimes reality dashes my optimism. Probably my career choice doesn’t help; every day is a reality check. At DVRC, we see the aftermath when relationships morph from dreams to bad dreams and sometimes to nightmares. But I know those stories are far from the norm. So many of our clients say, “I never imagined something like this. I was way into before I even realized what was happening.” 

For that reason I’m a believer in talking about the bad stuff, so we’re aware of the red flags and can avert the disaster. Talk about it… cover the bases….then move back to optimism and live those dreams. 

So here’s the reality check about prom. For most teens it’s a magical night with memories they’ll be sharing for decades. For some, alcohol, sexual opportunity and relaxed curfews can sour that night. So parents take five minutes and talk with your son or daughter about how to stay safe on prom night.  Not sure how to start? Carlton Kendrick has made it easy for you…in 4 simple steps you can cover all the bases to keep your son or daughter safer on prom night. Take the time to read his article… then have the talk. 

Then get the camera ready so you can take pictures of that magical night (besides it’s always fun to laugh about the hairstyles 20 years down the road.) So help me nurture my inner optimist. Got a fun prom memory? Comment back and share it…keep the magic going.