Imagine if the clothes you wore to work one day made a political statement about unthinkable injustice that was still resounding 16 years later. 

Imagine if that wardrobe selection on one April morning started a global movement to challenge social attitudes about sexual violence. 

Imagine that women all over the world still continue remember an injustice done to one young girl in 1997, first by a rapist, then even more appallingly by the legal system that was supposed to protect her. Why do they remember? Maybe because even 16 years later victims of rape still can’t be certain that they won’t be victimized by the legal system.  

That’s why people in nations across the globe and 20 states in the US recognize Denim Day by wearing jeans to work to bring awareness about sexual violence. Because like those members of the Italian Parliament we’re still working to combat the stigma and social attitudes that perpetuate sexual violence. 

This year April 24th has been designated as Denim Day. Won’t you join me in recognizing Denim Day:

1)      Read the story.   That was 16 years ago… is it possible that this same injustice could happen in a courtroom today? Maybe. Rape victims still sometimes feel like they’re on trial instead of the accused…and many don’t pursue prosecution for this reason. Who wants to risk being victimized yet again in court?

2)      Take a stand on Denim Day… wear jeans, share the story… talk about our social attitudes about sexual assault.
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month