Pete Bardunias, president and CEO of the Chamber of Southern Saratoga County, said it best , “These are times our whole community needs to work together to make sure everyone has a good quality of life.” Those are good words of wisdom for building a healthy and vibrant community.   

And that’s what happened at the Women in Business Showcase yesterday. From health screenings to financial health and fitness to fine food provided by Pasta Pane, Chamber women represented their businesses. One business, Cengage Learning, was a prime example of Pete’s strategy of working together to improve everyone’s quality of life.  

DVRC’s Kate van Buren  and Erin Coffin
of Cengage Learning helped create the employer awareness kit. 

Cengage, created an employers’ toolkit increase awareness of how relationship abuse can affect the workplace, which they distributed at the Business Showcase. The toolkit, which has an employee awareness poster and a resource guide for managers and supervisors, is designed to give businesses tools to promote workplace safety and to offer resources if an employee experiences relationship abuse. Looking at the resource guide, one business executive remarked, “I’m going to keep this in my files, because I know that someday I’m going to need this. It’s nice to know I’m prepared.”  

To get your employers toolkit, just call DVRC at 518-583-0280… it’s good to be prepared.