Sole Survivor
These shoes represent 123 sexual assault survivors …
are there another 492 we don’t see?

Saratoga County… it’s a safe community, good neighbors, cultural activities galore, economic growth. Even the best communities have their problems… and often they are hidden. We’re just not aware if we don’t see it. Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Services assisted 123 sexual assault survivors in 2012 alone. Looking at the shoes I get a sense of just how many people that number 123 represents. That’s a lot.
The U.S. Dept. of Justice, reports that only 20% of sexual assault victims ever seek help from an agency such as ours. I imagine four more double flights of stairs representing the estimated 492 sexual assault victims we didn’t see, those who didn’t know where to turn for help… in 2012 alone. In Saratoga County? Who knew?
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Help us to increase awareness of sexual assault. Why?
· So that survivors of sexual assault get the support they need to recover, heal and find a measure of justice.
· So that we can we can reduce the number of sexual assaults in our county.
· Because even one victim who is sexually violated is one too many.
Help us to increase awareness. Please join me this Thursday, April 11th, 2013 and take a stand against sexual assault. Change your facebook profile picture to a pair of your shoes and tag us to the photo. And remember to like our page!
My shoes…standing for what I believe in


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If you need help or know someone who may, you can call our hotline 24/7
You are not alone