I’ve written so many posts about the Steubenville rape this week… here’s one to end with.

A mom wrote a letter to her sons, encouraging them to always show respect and to step up and intervene when they see someone in need… even if they don’t like the person or even if it’s a friend who is being abusive. And she showed that she walked the walk by giving examples of how she and their dad have helped others in need.

We all think our kids already know these values… and hope that they’ve seen us model them. But I give her credit for saying these words, for letting her kids know it’s important to stand up for those in need, and then coaching them on how to do it.

I know I haven’t always lived up to my words. There have been times I wish I’d stepped up in situations, but instead I held back and afterwards was left with my ‘woulda, coulda shoulda’ thoughts. Maybe that letter isn’t just to her sons, but to me too. Maybe we all need to be reminded, “You are going to know people, and maybe even be friends with people, who think it’s ok to hurt other people in a lot of ways… When you do, I need you to step in.”

Thanks for the reminder… for next time.