In this week’s blog posts you’ve repeatedly heard a call to action—we all need to work to END domestic and sexual violence.  The burning question is, “So what can I do?”

Let’s start with the basics. Learn more about relationship abuse and start a conversation. We’ve got tools to help you.
Can you spare just 77 seconds? Watch Does This Count. It’s a video developed by Skidmore students describing common power and control tactics used by an abusive partner.
Ready to start a conversation? The most common question I’m asked is how people end up in abusive relationships…why don’t they get out sooner?  In Catch Domestic Violence Early another video produced by Skidmore students, the viewer sees an abusive relationship in rewind. The early red flags of abuse are much easier to spot in hindsight.
These powerful videos leave a lasting impression. To END relationship abuse, we first have to be able to recognize it.