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Wellspring’s Podcast: Springboard

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Springboard: Sparking Real Conversations, a Podcast by Wellspring. Join us and learn the answers to questions you didn’t know you had about relationships. Or things you may have wondered about but were too afraid to ask!

We take a dive deep into uncharted waters and talk about defining your own relationships. Springboard offers a safe space to explore murky topics and jump into the conversations we sometimes avoid so we can grow together.

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The holidays can be a difficult time for some. In this episode we invite a former Wellspring employee to give her rendition of a client story inspired by the types of things we hear from survivors of domestic violence. We hope her story can be one of inspiration. Happy Holidays from the Wellspring team to you and yours. 

Ohhhh the taboo topic everyone avoids; the birds and the bees conversations parents cringe through and the chats that bring on some serious blushing.

But why are we so uncomfortable talking about sex? In this episode we are going to dive in to the importance of chugging through the discomfort and some ways you can approach the subject with the people in your life who need to hear it most.

A huge thank you to our Podcast sponsor, CAP COM Federal Credit Union!

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