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What is consent, and how to talk about it with your sons and daughters


Consent is an agreement between participants to engage in sexual activity. There are many ways to give consent  Consent doesn’t have to be verbal, but verbally agreeing to different sexual activities can help both you and your partner respect each other’s boundaries. Learn more about to talk about consent, and how it relates to both boys and girls at our Consent Page.

Some basics about consent:

  • It is the responsibility of a person initiating a sexual act to obtain consent, regardless of gender.
  • Consent is an ongoing process of people agreeing to what they are doing together.
  • This means that it can be changed at any time–consent to one activity, is not consent to another.
  •  It is the presence of a ‘yes,’ not the absence of a ‘no.’
  •  It can be both verbal and nonverbal.  But verbal check-ins help alleviate any confusion.
  • If there is not consent, it is sexual assault, and sexual assault is never the fault of the victim.


What do consent and tea have in common? Check it out here. (Caution, mature language!)
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How to talk about consent–what is it?

How do I consent?

How do I work with my partner on their consent?

Use our short video to cover the basics of this important concept.


These resources may be useful in talking to children about consent:

Love is Respect Blog: http://www.loveisrespect.org/healthy-relationships/what-consent/

Consented: http://www.consented.ca/tools_for_change/check-yourself/

The Good Men Project: https://goodmenproject.com/families/the-healthy-sex-talk-teaching-kids-consent-ages-1-21/

Teen Health Source http://teenhealthsource.com/sex/sconsent/