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Local domestic violence agency finishes first in the nation in weekly fundraising challenge; claims $10,000 national prize. Wellspring finishes second week of Allstate Purple Purse Challenge as top fundraiser.

October 17, 2017



September 17 2017

Submitted by Maggie Fronk, Executive Director


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Local domestic violence agency finishes first in the nation in weekly fundraising challenge; claims $10,000 national prize.

Wellspring finishes second week of Allstate Purple Purse Challenge as top fundraiser.


Wellspring, the domestic violence service provider in Saratoga County has raised more money than any other organization in their division during the second week of the Allstate Purple Purse Challenge.  In doing so, they secured a $10,000 challenge gift that the Allstate Foundation awarded to the three (3) charities that raised the most money in the second week of the friendly competition.


To date, Wellspring is in 2nd place in the nation having raised more than $52,000. Wellspring participated in the 2016 Challenge, finishing 5th place in the nation by raising more than $51,000.


More than 130 individuals, businesses, and organizations made gifts exceeding $42,000 during the second week of the month-long fundraising competition, which benefits charities that support victims of domestic violence.  The Challenge continues through October 31, with the top teams vying for grand prize cash donations totaling $325,000 from The Allstate Foundation.


Maggie Fronk, executive director of Wellspring, said, “This incredible support reaffirms one of our community’s great strengths—the willingness of many individuals to work together to support one another.  We are touched by the breadth of support from our community.”  She added, “This shows just how deeply people care about the issues of relationship and sexual abuse, and the community members served by Wellspring.  Generosity such as this is why we believe we can end relationship and sexual abuse in our community.

Wellspring will use the money raised through the Purple Purse Challenge to support their comprehensive approach to helping victims of domestic violence—services such as shelter, a 24-Hour hotline, counseling, and legal advocacy.  The funds will also help expand the programs that focus on prevention, issue awareness, and social change, such as partnerships with local schools and law enforcement.

Notable Saratoga County leaders, organizations, and businesses including have bolstered the efforts of Wellspring on social media: Death Wish Coffee, DeCrescente Distributing, The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, the Saratoga County Sherriff, Assemblywoman Carrie Ann Woerner, and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh.  Wellspring has compiled a list of their supporters at wellspringcares.org/tumblr.com/ppl.

To help the community follow the Challenge, Wellspring has a webpage: https://www.crowdrise.com/wellspring-purplepurse2017


ABOUT WELLSPRING: At Wellspring, our mission is to support survivors and engage our community to end relationship and sexual abuse.  Each year, our crisis intervention and survivor services support more than 1,000 clients—providing safe housing to adults and children either fleeing or homeless because of domestic violence, as well as comprehensive support in the form of counseling, legal advocacy, and case management.    While helping victims in need is a major focus of the Agency’s mission, we know that by increasing awareness we can end intimate partner violence.  Wellspring staff provides prevention and education programs to school-aged youth, as well as training and education programs for parents, faith based congregations, and professional organizations..


ABOUT THE ALLSTATE FOUNDATION Established in 1952, The Allstate Foundation is an independent, charitable organization made possible by subsidiaries of The Allstate Corporation (NYSE: ALL). Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations across the country, The Allstate Foundation brings the relationships, reputation and resources of Allstate to support innovative and lasting solutions that enhance people’s well-being and prosperity. With a focus on building financial independence for domestic violence survivors, empowering youth and celebrating the charitable community involvement of Allstate agency owners and employees, The Allstate Foundation works to bring out the good in people’s lives. For more information, visit www.AllstateFoundation.org.


Nicole Kidman Should Be Here

There's a saying about domestic violence, "Silence Hides Violence". Tomorrow at 4 pm at Northshire Books, join us-- we're breaking the silence. We're not the only ones doing it. In fact, Liane Moriarty started it with her book, Big Little Lies. Then came the HBO series based on the book. And Nicole Kidman continued the conversation with her Emmy acceptance speech. Tomorrow we're inviting you to be part of the conversation as we have an open community book/series discussion about Big Little Lies.
Rachel Person, of Northshire  Books, explains that one of the best ways to deal with the hard things in life is through the safe space of a book. Click here for more from Rachel... and join us tomorrow at Northshire Books for an exciting conversation about the book where the "little lies turn out to be the most lethal" and about Wellspring's vision of ending relationship and sexual abuse


Purple Purses for Sanctuary

The Presbyterian New England Congregational Church is no stranger to helping those in need. From being the site for the Saratoga County Economic Opportunity Council's daily soup kitchen and food pantry, to supporting Code Blue efforts, and the recent Peace Fair, their congregation lives their commitment to be a loving friendly community that worships God and serves others.
Pastor Kate Forer spoke with me recently about how the church is a sanctuary where everyone can feel safe, loved and valued... click here for her inspiring wish that the Purple Purse Challenge can help make all relationships that same sanctuary for people.

Today Wellspring is in third place in the nation... because you and all our community members share that same vision. Please spread the word and support Wellspring's Purple Purse Challenge by donating here

Thoughts Over Your Morning Coffee

Like me, you probably wake up and have a cup of coffee to start your day. Unlike me, you may not wake up most days and start thinking about how we can end domestic violence in our community.

Well the folks at Death Wish Coffee know a thing or two about coffee beans... and they're also really good spokespeople for how important it us for us to increase awareness. Click here to find out why their supporting Wellspring's mission and the Purple Purse Challenge.

Wellspring is as concerned as Talia from Death Wish about the  1 in 3 teens who experience dating violence. We do extensive outreach to youth for prevention programs and also social change initiatives. If we can teach youth to recognize and take action when they notice abusive behaviors, we're on our way to creating the social change needed to end abuse. To that end, here's a video we produced for high school and college age youth about being advocates for change by challenging social norms. Share the video with a young adult you t know (or a parent of one).

Girlfriends… There’s Still Time

You work hard... you deserve a night like this.

Could you use a gals’ night out with: shopping, fashion show, pampering (chair massages anyone?), delicious food, and great friends? Would it be even better if your night of fun benefited other women in need? Then join us this Wednesday, October 11th from 6-8:30 pm at Longfellow’s for Girlfriends Helping Girlfriends. This popular event supports Wellspring’s programs to support survivors and engage our community… so we can end relationship and sexual abuse.  

Tickets at $50 in advance and $75 at the door. Purchase your tickets now at WellspringCares.org/girls   or by calling 518.583.0280. 

Hope to see you this Wednesday!

Finding Strength Together

Friends wearing purple and showing their inner strength
 in support of the Purple Purse Challenge
I got to Reform Pilates a little early this morning. I've never done a Pilates class and wasn't sure what to expect as I went to  my first class. They graciously offered a donation class in support of our Purple Purse Challenge, so what better reason than to try Pilates? As I was sitting looking around the reception area there was a sign with motivational messages about how to make your life exciting, healthy and joyous. One line caught my eye 'Every day do something that makes you feel uncomfortable'. OK it's 9:45 in the morning and I'm about to ace that one, I thought.

Big smiles after class
The class was great fun, but I had to notice that with this Challenge I've been spending a lot more time at my computer and not very much in plank pose. My core muscles are grateful for the reminder...and I'm grateful for the generous support of Reform Pilates.

And speaking of not shying away from things that are uncomfortable. Our friends at Look TV regularly dedicate their show to conversations about the hard social issues that affect our local communities: homelessness, mental health, poverty, heroin use among our teens... and domestic violence. They're not sensationalizing the problems, they're digging in and having real conversations about how we can educate ourselves and create solutions. Robin Dalton and I met yesterday with Jesse Jackson to talk about an event we're coordinating with Northshire Bookstore to start talking about how we can end domestic violence. I'll give you a hint.. Nicole Kidman would approve! Click here to finds out what we're doing and why Robin and Jesse want you to be part of this. 

People As Diverse As Purses

Right now we're holding at #2 in the country in the Purple Purse Challenge (but we've got a whole month ahead of us and some very stiff competition.) I'm struck by the diversity of our supporters in both who they are and why they care. I spent a lot of last month hearing from community leaders about why the  issue of domestic violence is important to them (check out all of September's blog posts.) We've got men, women, fitness folks, restaurants, attorneys, engineers, poets...and even a dog raising funds to support the cause. Truly our whole community --Tourism, Life Coaching, Digital Marketing ...and Engineers-- are all united in our vision of a community free of relationship and sexual abuse.  Click on the names of these interesting folks to hear why they're supporting Wellspring's Purple Purse Challenge:

The Saratoga County Tourism Bureau knows how to make visitors' vacations in Saratoga enjoyable... but Talia Cass also demonstrates that they are also knowledgeable about and sensitive to the many challenges domestic violence survivors face,

Carly Hamilton-Jones works to empower women and girls... and she's seen the effects of domestic violence, so she's grateful our county has Wellspring's services to assist survivors,

Fingerpaint Marketing regularly wins national awards for their work. They know how to communicate a message and they acknowledge that domestic violence isn't easy to talk about... but Bo Goliber isn't uncomfortable having the at conversation. They're supporting the Purple Purse Challenge because of Wellspring's work on prevention programs,

 Adam Farvo supports not just physical health but quality of life in our community so he's rocking his purple purse, and
on behalf of women building ships let's hear from Emily Franz, the president of The Society of Women Engineers

"Ending relationship and sexual abuse in our community"... yeah, together we can do this!

Do you share our vision? Please donate today at https://www.crowdrise.com/wellspring-purplepurse2017

Meteorologists, Puppy Pics, Pocketbooks and My Son’s First Joke

Odd blog post title? How are these 4 things related?
I was talking to Jason Gough yesterday and thanking him for using his celebrity not just keep us informed about the weather, but as a voice for victims. During his weather report on Friday Jason did a fun shout out in advance of our Pooch Parade - watch it here.  Thinking of rain and pooches reminded me of my son Dan's first joke when he was about three. I don't know where he heard it, but he'd tell this joke all the time and decades later I can still picture his whole body bouncing with laughter as he told it:
"It's raining cats and dogs.
Be careful not to step in a poodle"
Well we didn't step in any poodles, but I vowed  to coordinate with Jason next year to ask for better weather. But people and dogs had a great time, while raising money to support Wellspring's work and our Safe Pet Partnership. Did you miss the Pooch Parade? Here are some great pictures by photographer Cathy Duffy of our pooches for peace. Andy, and I would like to offer a big woof and a tail wag to Dr. Maribeth Wallingford and her team at Adirondack Veterinary Clinic for coordinating the Pooch Parade for us.
Andy,Andy was wearing his purple pocketbook all throughout the parade to invite folks to help Wellspring as we participate in Allstate's Purple Purse Challenge. It started on October 2nd we've got until the end of the month to raise funds; we're striving for first place in the country which would earn us $100,000 in bonus funds from Allstate for programs and services here in Saratoga County. #1 in the US is a big goal, but with your help we can do it (we're in second place right now with some very stiff competition). Click here to support Andy's fundraising efforts and watch a video with Andy and his feline family member, Bob, about how Wellspring helps the forgotten victims of domestic violence, our furry, feathered and finned family members.
Thanks for your support. Together we can end relationship and abuse!

5,4,3,2,1… Let’s Do This!

We've been talking about it all month... and the moment is here. Please join the excitement as Wellspring (and all of our community in Saratoga County) competes in Allstate's Purple Purse Challenge.  We're trying to place #1 in the nation in demonstrating our whole community's commitment to ending relationship and sexual abuse.

Here's what you can do:
  • Sign up to be one of our Changemakers. You can host your own supporter page on Wellspring's fundraising page. Tell your friends the issue of domestic violence is  important to you and ask them to contribute-- every dollar counts! Click here for info on how to set up your page (just click on the purple "fundraise for this community partner" box.
  • Coordinate an event at your office to raise awareness and funds (dress down Friday?  Celebrate National Taco Day with a potluck lunch-- hint it's tomorrow).
  • Attend one -- or all- of the great fundraising events our community partners are hosting to support Wellspring's Purple Purse Challenge. Click here for more info about our events.
  • Donate. Here's the link! You can put your name on the leaderboard...or a message about why you care or words of support for survivors or for those who are currently being abused.