I’ve got a lot of numbers in my head today.
26   It’s been 26 days since the launch of the Purple Purse Challenge.
3  We’re currently in third place in the nation. 
3.5 We’ve got 3.5 days left in the Challenge.
70,000  We’re about to reach $70,000 in funds donated to Wellspring by our community since October 2nd.

 Infinite. How grateful I feel by the overwhelming support of our community.. and inspired  that by working together we truly can end relationship and sexual abuse. From local businesses (an extra  big thanks to the members of the Saratoga Springs DBA), to the community leaders who gave voice to why our work is so important, to faith organizations , and individual people who gave so generously from their hearts.

What I’ve really enjoyed throughout this month is hearing all the reasons people care: children, women, safety, financial stability, hope, empowerment. Yesterday the folks at the Saratoga Casino and Hotel were sitting around the table talking about Wellspring’s Purple Purse Challenge and they pulled out their phone, made a video and sent it to me. Click here to see what they had to say.

I don’t think there’s been anyone more excited about the Challenge than Jesse Jackson at Look TV. He’s had me as a guest on the show so many times this month that he’s seen my entire purple wardrobe… and  has a new moniker for me. Click here to find out what Jesse has named me now and hear what we talked about today.

So Jesse is reminding folks to support the Challenge by making their gift online before 1:59 October 31st at wellspringcares.org/purse

Thanks Jesse… and thanks to all of you! Together e we can reach all our goals.